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Finding the Golden Point is a Great Advantage in Backgammon

Author: Neha Agrawal

Backgammon players seek out The Golden Point in Backgammon like they were looking for the Golden Fleece, or maybe Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket. It is the most desirable location on the Backgammon board and both players want to turn it into their own point.

The Golden Point is actually two points. It is point 20 on the player’s home board and the similar point on the other side, point 5. The Golden Point was given that name by a former Backgammon world champion because it is considered the best point on the board. Every advantage to having that point is a disadvantage to your opponent when you control a Golden Point.

Among the advantages is that it gives you a strong blocking point for your opponent’s checkers coming off the bar. ON the other side, Point 20 gives you one clear point to re-enter from the bar with your own checkers.

You can also use your other points in the area to create anchors and advanced anchors which will improve your chances of winning the game. You already begin the game with control of your point 6, so controlling point 5 automatically gives you consecutive points on your opponent’s home board.

It’s a good idea if you can get a stack of more than two pieces on each Golden Point. Then you are free to claim a blot at another point if a roll presents you with that opportunity. If you only have two checkers on this point, you can’t really make that move because you would create a blot on your Golden Point and make it subject to a hit.

The power of throwing a double is particularly apparent when it comes to putting checkers on a Golden Point. Quite strong is a 4-4, especially if you have not yet moved your checkers from point 24. A 4-4 allows you to move both checkers from that point to point 20.

A 4-4 would also allow you the option of moving two chips from point 13 to the other Golden Point at 5. In fact, this is probably the preferred Backgammon strategy since your point 5 is somewhat more important than point 20. In other words, one golden point is a little more golden than the other.

You might not get the right rolls to occupy these points, but it is always a good idea to keep in mind the extra value of occupying these Golden Points.