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Free Strip Poker Sites – Play Online and Save Your Modesty

Author: Neha Agrawal

Strip Poker isn’t just a game that has come about at drunken parties or at social gatherings where everyone fancies a bit of thrill and excitement. It has somehow also made its way onto the online gambling circuit. But how can Strip Poker be played online you might ask. With today’s digital technology and graphics capabilities it is quite a simple concept to grasp. But you will probably want to see for yourself, won’t you?

There are plenty of Strip Poker sites available out there on the web where it is entirely free for you to play. In its most basic form, a Strip Poker game online will involve a computer graphic dealer, and the game itself more akin to Video Poker than anything else.

When you win a hand of Strip Poker, the computer graphic will find herself (or himself) with one article of clothing less, until eventually they are "starkers." If you lose, you are supposed to take an article off too. But since your opponent isn’t a real person, who is going to know if you are in the buff or not? If you are interested in covering up your modesty, simply don’t shed any clothes.

Alternative free Strip Poker sites will offer you an entirely different way to play. Here you are given a set amount of money to play with. The more hands you win according to a pay table much like those seen in video poker, the more money you accumulate. The graphic model won’t actually shed any amount of clothing because she (or he) is not competing against you.

Instead, if you wish to get your chosen model into their undies, or less, you must purchase their clothing from them with your winnings. It kind of goes against the point of Strip Poker. But if that kind of thing is entertaining to you, then why not give it a go?

All in all, there are an impossible number of varying Strip Poker games available to you across the internet, some of them for real money, but the vast majority of them are free for you to play. It doesn’t quite beat the real thing, but if you are too shy to play real Strip Poker then it is a viable alternative.

Strip Poker is supposed to be entertaining, not perverted, so every gamer should make certain that they are at least having fun playing Strip Poker, whether they are winning or losing, or playing it for free or real money.