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Free Video Slots – A Glossary

Author: Nick Wright

Free video slots and other forms of lucky slots games are becoming an ever popular part of almost every online casino or gambling site, and can be great fun for the player. If you think about it too, this is only right as free video slots online are the virtual representative of lucky slots machines in actual casinos, and these have always been a key element of a casino’s entertainments.

If you do wish to try your hand at free video slots but don’t really know where to start, then the first thing that you should do is to get your head around the basic free video slots terminology and lucky slots terminology in general, and this glossary should help. The following are lucky slots terms that can apply to both physical slot machines and online free video slots.

    Action - The total time that a player spends on free video slots or on slot machines.

    Bet Max - The maximum amount of credits a player can wager on a single spin, there is usually a button either on the machine or the website which offers this option.

    Bonus Feature - Plenty of slot machines and free video slots games offer bonus features such as free spins or side games.

    Credit/Credits - Essentially the number of spins you have on any given machine or online slots game, your credit is what the money you put in is converted to for play.

    Fixed Value Slots - Slot machines or free video slots online games which have a set betting amount per spin, and do not allow you to alter this.

    Hit Frequency - The regularity at which any given machine or lucky slots game pays out, the lower the hit frequency the better for the player. For instance, if a free video slots game has a hit frequency of four then it will pay out on average once every four spins.

    Jackpot - The maximum, top prize amount that everyone who is playing aspires to win.

    Multiplier - A kind of bonus feature offered by some machines and free video slots games, allowing the player to multiply their winnings, often through successive successful spins.

    Payback Percentage - The percentage of the money put into a slot machine or online free video slots game that should be returned to a player over a particular period of time.

    Random Number Generator (RNG) - The mechanism by which all slots related games, either physical or online select the combinations that come up on each spin.

    Short Win - When a player receives a significant pay out after playing for only a short period of time.

    Spin - To activate the spinning of the reels, or whatever is the equivalent on online lucky slots games.

    Wager Management - A method of breaking up your total stake money and cashing out when you are ahead, in order to more easily avoid running out of money.

So, now that you know the lingo you can play slots games to your heart’s content and might even be better equipped to come out ahead, but that’s never guaranteed.