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Gambling on Horses and Zebras

Author: Skyla Burrell

Comparing apples to oranges is a common analogy when comparing things that are similar but not really the same. When referring to online casinos and land based casinos, I prefer to use the horse and zebra analogy, which seems far wilder, and much more appropriate. It makes sense in a twisted way, so hear me out.

First we'll let the horse out of the barn and look at the domesticated, traditional, tried, tested and proven land-based casino. The horse, like a brick and mortar casino is also completely domesticated, traditional, tested and proven. People dress up (well, maybe not EVERYONE) for a night out at the casino. People also dress up to attend fancy horse race events, like the Kentucky Derby.

The horse, however, is still somewhat of a romantic mystery, and slightly unpredictable, which makes it an intriguing creature yet a trusted and familiar one. The land-based casino is of the same mold, a bit of mystery and intrigue set in a familiar and traditional environment. There’s something very memorable about the sights and sounds of a bustling casino as well as a racetrack. See? I told you we were going somewhere with this.

Now let’s get to the wilder side of the casino kingdom, the Zebra and the online casino. I’m not saying that online casinos run wild through the interweb without any rules, like rampant cash eating beasts. What I’m saying is that zebras are something that is not as common a site for many people not on safari or at the zoo. So from the outside the zebra seems wild and maybe a little scary. But for those who live in Africa where zebras hang out, well, the fear is removed from the equation as they’ve been shown no harm from the zebra.

Online casinos are similar in that those folks who like gambling online have already established that they can do so in a safe, yet wildly exciting environment. Those who have not yet fed the wild zebra may be scared about getting bit, which is a realistic fear, as any animal with teeth can bite. Fortunately, Gambling City is all about helping you feed your wild side through trusted online casinos without losing an arm, a finger, or even a toe.

The horse and the zebra share the same family tree, as do all casinos whether they are land-based casinos or cyber-spaced casinos. Zebras are members of the Equidae family of the genus Equus. But aside from four legs, a mane, a tail, and hoofs they are different creatures that live in very different worlds yet have the same needs, food, air, and water. Horses (aka land-based casinos) require a lot of overhead due to being domesticated. Zebras (aka online casinos) also pay a price for freedom. Both are special creatures and exciting to be around. Run free and wild my friends.