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Gambling on Politics

Author: Skyla Burrell

An apolitical view is, in a nutshell, apathy or antipathy towards all political affiliations. Gambling City has always had a politically neutral position; without political attitudes, content, or bias and is the stance Gambling City will continue to take.

That being said, the climate is rich for those who view politics as the ultimate game of chance. World-wide politics has taken over the main stage these days, you can’t seem to escape the 24/7 coverage whether it’s via the television, social media, or radio. Politics has invaded the average household and has probably caused a few awkward holiday dinners to say the least.

In the United States, President Donald Trump is in the throes of impeachment hearings centered around the question of a Quid Pro Quo with Ukraine and the possibility that he withheld hundreds of millions in Congressionally approved aid while demanding dirt on a political rival. Millions are tuning in daily to watch the new age soap opera play out. We take no stance on guilt or innocence, but suffice to say it’s not a good look for the USA.

In the United Kingdom it’s all about Brexit, seemingly, all the time. The decision to leave the European Union has been occupying the lives of Brits since 2016. The latest deadline to get it together is January 31, 2020. Prime Minister Theresa May resigned after her Brexit deal failed three times and now it sits in the lap of Boris Johnson. If the UK leaves without a deal, the EU will start carrying out checks on British goods which will affect the lives of everyone as the UK would exit the customs union and the single market literally overnight.

So, what’s an average person to do in this crazy climate of politics? Gamble on them of course! Punters more and more are extending their wagering habits to include betting on political outcomes. Many reputable online betting establishments now accept wagers on political contests, elections, and more.

Wagering on politics is an interesting proposition and more and more a popular option for those of us who can’t escape it, if you can’t beat them bet on them, to take an old saying and twist it just a bit.

Betting on politics is quite different from playing the slots or wagering on your team winning the big game. There are two basic types of political betting.
    Prediction markets where the outcomes boil down to yes or no answers, like 'Will Trump be re-elected'.

    The other type of political bets are a bit more like sports betting. In this case a common proposition would be 'Odds to Win the 2020 Republican/Democratic Presidential Primary'.
If you are interested in politics you just may discover that political betting can be an exciting way to put all that political knowledge to work.

If you do choose to bet on politics it pays to be informed, so do yourself a favor and do your research before wagering any money. Gambling City lists many online sportsbooks that take political wagers, all vetted for their integrity and honesty.