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Greatest Celebrity Gambling Goofs

Author: Skyla Burrell

In general, people tend to put upon a pedestal, the rich, the famous, and the beautiful. However, celebrities are all still at the core just human beings, despite desperately trying to appear to be perfectly perfect. Pleasing to some is the fact that famous people have no special magic wand for success at the gambling tables. In the gambling universe, all are equal in the view of the ‘Eye in the Sky’ that watches all, as Robert DeNiro pointed out in the film, ‘Casino’. Assembled for your pleasure are a few epic gambling fails involving well-known celebrities that we can all chuckle about, as it seems you really can’t have it all.

Two-time Academy Award winner, Ben Affleck is known for many things. Topping the news lately is his hot, re-kindled romance with Jennifer Lopez, but he is the recipient also of multiple awards for writing and acting. He also received quite some ribbing about that terrible choice to take the role of Batman in 2016. Well, it seems Batman can do many things but driving the Batmobile to Las Vegas, Nevada to play Blackjack at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is not one of them. Batman has been banned for life. Why you ask would anyone ban such a high-profile celebrity? The Hard Rock has accused Ben Affleck of fraud and of card counting. BOOM, POW, ZONK. Banned for life for Batman.

You might know Toby Maguire from his role as Spider-Man in the Marvel series of box office superhero hits. What you might not know is he ran an illegal high-stakes poker ring with his famous buddies that hosted extremely high-stake poker games for the stars. The underground, illegal poker games were attended by many well-known celebrities and were hosted at the home of notoriously disgraced hedge fund manager, Brad Ruderman, who since that time has been convicted of running a Ponzi scheme. In the end, the illegal poker ring that was organized by Toby Maguire and attended by twenty-two of his famous friends cost him over $80,000 in fines and resulted in several charges which were of course later dismissed.

Legendary boxing champion Floyd Mayweather, Jr. has left his mark on the world of boxing, winning world titles in five different weight classes. He has also left his mark on the sports gambling world. Mayweather was formerly known during his boxing days as Pretty Boy Floyd, however, he now prefers his new nickname, Money Mayweather. Along with some impressive sports betting wins for Floyd, there is also the epic failure of failures on the 2014 Super Bowl XLVIII game between Seattle and Denver. Across multiple agencies, Floyd Money Mayweather placed bets on the game totaling 10.4 million dollars on various winning outcomes for the Broncos. Yes, you read that right, 10.4 million bucks. That year the Seattle Seahawks stomped the Denver Broncos and won the championship 43 to 8.