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High Roller Casino Bonuses – More Casino Promotions for Big Spenders at a Site

Author: Neha Agrawal

High rollers make up a very small percentage of all other casinos members. However, this very small percentage of big spenders till makes a BIG difference to the projected cash flow or liquidity of these gambling venues. As is true of land-based casinos, online casinos also offer very big bonuses, special promotions, on-going bonuses and generally instant VIP status.

Instant VIP casino status means that the high roller also receives top-notch loyalty points, as well as all the other benefits that work hand-in-hand with their status. Land- based casinos offer VIP’s free accommodations, invitations to events taking place at the casino, even free drinks and meals. In order to compete with benefits such as these, online casinos also have to come up with great deals that match in some way or other.

Just to give you an idea of what a high roller is, firstly, they can afford to do what they do, so, it is not a player who simply spends all of their money on gambling. They are the type of gambler who only makes serious wagers, and while many rich people indulge in this entertainment activity for fun, many high rollers are actually professional gamblers. In other words, they manage a massive bankroll, and gamble for a living.

The most important on-going casino bonuses and benefits for high-rollers online is the way they earn comp points. These are always awarded proportionately to the wagers made, so, obviously the bigger the bet, the more comp points are earned.

While normal players make up the majority of people playing online gambling games, these players don’t spend the most, so, it is spend that determines comp point levels. High rollers accumulate these at a much faster rate, and hence are also able to redeem them at a much faster rate, and they do.

There is one thing about the online casino audience, they know what their benefits are and how to use them. This is particularly so of the British who are considered to be a sophisticated audience. In the Far East, online players are becoming much more sophisticated too, and the European audience is not very far behind.

Other high roller benefits include higher and faster deposit and withdrawal limits, although maximum limits do apply for these customers too. There has to be a ceiling, after all. Unlike the Bellagio, funds are not unlimited. However even the Bellagio has had their cash-flow projection busted by high rollers such as Kerry Packer winning an unexpected $9 million, while playing baccarat in just one day.