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High Roller Casino Games That You Can Play

Author: Neha Agrawal

It is pretty obvious that if you are reading this article, then you are at least familiar in some form or another with high rollers? Moreover, you probably have a fairly good idea what being a high roller is all about. What you may not be familiar with however, are the various high roller casino games that are open to you; and just what exactly constitutes making a specific casino game, a high rolling one. Luckily, it is not that hard to quickly become acquainted with these big spending, mega jackpot casino games.

If you fancy your chances a high rolling online gamer, what options have you? To put it simply, you have almost as many genres of game open to you as any mid-roller or standard online casino player.

Probably the number one high roller game that you will be familiar with is poker. Poker is such a versatile game that it can be played for a pittance or a fortune. High rolling poker is very common, specifically where Texas Hold ‘Em is concerned.

Baccarat has found new fame thanks it being associated with the James Bond movies. Renowned as a high rolling game, baccarat can be notoriously expensive to play in a high rolling casino. Blackjack, although it is incredibly simple to play, can also be a high rolling game in the right places.

Online slots are not so much a high rollers game, although they can cost a considerable amount to play if you want to go for the massive progressive jackpot. If a player wants to continually attack the progressive jackpot on an online slot machine game, then they could most certainly be considered high rollers; the game itself though, not so much.

Another game that can be played for very high stakes in certain high rolling online casinos is roulette. If the going is good, people can make a considerable amount of money with a high stakes roulette game because there are so many different ways to bet, with the simplest wager offering just under a fifty percent chance of success, when you take into consideration the house edge that roulette almost always has.

Other high rolling games include variants of poker, and oddly enough craps. Of course craps is generally a low cost game, however there are occurrences in the online gambling world where craps can be played as a high rollers game. Virtually any game can be a high rolling game, although generally these are limited to casino based games. Games such as sports betting and bingo seldom ever offer a high rolling equivalent.