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High Rollers in the Real Land-Based Casino World

Author: Neha Agrawal

The term high roller is commonly attributed to any player who wagers a lot of money with big stakes in a casino gambling game. However, in recent years the term has become more and more common with online casino players, rather than those that spend vast sums of money in real, land based, brick and mortar casinos. These forgotten players are the real rich men of the gambling world, and any player with serious amounts of money to burn of course prefers to do it in style at a lavish casino resort, than from their computer. So who are the real high rollers? Those people that gamble online with fairly large sums of money, or those who spend thousands on accommodation and play with the rich big boys of the gambling world in luxurious resorts?

Let’s pretend that this was not a silly question, and give you an answer. It is the real brick and mortar casino players that are the really massive high rollers, and the true originators of the term. Also known as whales in the casino industry, these are apples are ripe for picking. They are positively loaded with money, and as such they are afforded special treatment like the online casino high rollers could only dream of.

The perks of being a real to life high roller often include limousines to pick you up, to and from the casino resort. But that may or may not be provided by the casino – so let’s look at some of things that certainly are provided for by the casino, such as credit.

Many top casinos in the world will offer a regular high rolling player credit if he runs out of money during a game. They know that he is good for it, and as a loyal patriot of the casino they know that they can trust him to reinvest his funds into the game. High rolling players are also often treated to turnover or loss rebates too, if they are in a high enough standing with the casino. A typical high roller in Australia will bring upwards of fifty thousand Australian Dollars to the table, whilst in America; a high roller is someone who brings one hundred and fifty thousand at least. In Macao – the real land of the rich; nothing less than half a million US Dollars will secure high roller status in their casinos.

Other luxuries open to high rollers in casinos around the world include the right to smoke whilst playing, in a smoking room (not as common as it used to be now with the smoking bans in effect, but still possible in some casinos), lavish buffets and free drinks. Normal casino players can only dream of this.

Despite the luxury afforded to these high rolling players, it is still the ordinary folk whom make up the bread and butter of a casino; they who provide most of the income of the casino. However, if you want to look at a true high roller, don’t bother looking online. The land-based casinos really are, the land of the rich.