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High Rolling Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Author: Neha Agrawal

High rolling casino gamers need bonuses just as much as standard casino gamers. In fact, it would be fair to say that high rolling players need bonuses even more than standard casino gamers. Whilst it is true that it is a player’s choice to play the big money, high stake games – it by no means that a high rollers casino shouldn’t offer them a little incentive to play big money games. They are the ones after all who will prosper should the game not go the player’s way; and they do this. If you have ever been an online casino site that has several sign up bonuses, it will hardly have escaped your attention that one of those sign up bonuses happens to be for high rolling players.

Players are of course entitled to snap up a high rollers bonus and not play the big stakes games, instead wagering small amounts frequently as opposed to large amounts rarely. However, few standard player’s go for this option due to the large deposit high roller’s must often make. But what exactly is a high rollers deposit bonus, and what other bonuses and promotions can a high roller claim at an online casino site?

As we’ve mentioned, there is the sign up bonus, or welcome bonus if you prefer. High roller bonuses don’t generally tend to revolve around match deposit bonuses, like their standard roller cousins. Instead, high roller welcome bonuses after more of a fixed sum. For example, if you were to deposit one thousand pounds, you’d pick up an additional five hundred pounds for free, as opposed to depositing an undetermined amount and picking up a one hundred percent match deposit bonus.

High roller bonuses also come with added perks. Most high roller players will also instantly obtain VIP status at the online casino site when they sign up as a high rolling player. This VIP status, as well as being a high roller will also often entitle the player to wide range of bonuses that wouldn’t ordinarily be available to standard rolling player at the same online casino site.

Additional perks also sometimes include the right to enter exclusive tournaments, specifically designed for high rollers – specifically when it comes to poker, blackjack or other card games. Special high roller casino sites offer entirely different bonuses altogether although these sites are less common than generic online casino sites.

The fact of the matter is simple enough. If you want to be a high roller, you’ll need a good bankroll and balance, and in order to do that, the bonuses for high rollers are substantially higher than for standard casino players. But the deposit limits are higher, so it really is up to you to determine if it is worth your while, or if you can afford to be a high roller or not.