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How to Avoid Rogue Online Casinos

Author: Sylvia Garcia

Rogue casinos are those online casinos that do not credit due bonuses earned by players or delay or default in remitting withdrawals requested by players or otherwise renege on their commitments in some way or another.

The easiest way to identify these casinos is to check out the blacklist of online casino watch dog sites. One excellent example is Gambling City’s Blacklisted Casinos section.

Although these watch dog sites do an excellent job of warning players, one must ultimately learn to identify rogue casinos by studying the casino websites because they can sometimes slip through the cracks and not get posted on the watch dog sites.

So how do you identify a rogue casino? The best way is to share information with other players. There are many online forums and message boards where online casino players can regularly interact and share experiences. It is essential that you use these forums as a medium of exchange of information.

Players should read what others have to say and post their experiences as well. Delays in withdrawals, enforcing bonus conditions that were not mentioned upfront, and games freezing midway are the kinds of topics that are found about online casinos on these forums.

Players also share positive experiences. And keep in mind that reputable online casinos tend to disassociate themselves from the second rate providers. With that in mind, identifying reputable casinos can be useful in identifying the rogues.

Most online casinos offer bonuses to entice customers. However, if they offer unusually high bonuses then you should begin to suspect that something could be fishy. It would not be unreasonable to suspect that the casino is either making so much money through its gaming operations that it can afford to offer such high bonuses, or the casino ties these bonuses up in so much fine print that it doesn’t part with any money. In the worst case scenario the fine print is not stated up front but is revealed after the player claims the bonus. In both cases the casino is a rogue casino.

The final issue is customer support. Do not play at a casino that does not offer a reasonably in-depth FAQs section. This sends a message that the casino doesn’t care about its customers. And keep in mind that the best way to contact support is via live chat so if the casino doesn’t offer this option then steer clear.