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How to Make Scratch Card Play More Strategic

Author: Catherine McCabe

Instant win games in the form of scratch cards, scratch games, scratch off games or ‘scratchers’ are one of the most popular games available to play and they are unrivaled in the amount of excitement and anticipation they create. Winning a cash prize after buying a scratch card or game is like finding one of Willy Wonka’s Golden Tickets! Read on for useful tips on how to make scratch card play more strategic and transform it into one of your favourite instant win games.

As with any one of the instant win games you can play, there are odds of winning and you can do nothing to change this. However, some instant win games including scratch games, scratch off games or ‘scratchers’ are calibrated to give you a better chance of winning so it pays to play instant win games that have a good, solid reputation. Less known instant win games may only have one cash prize on offer between tens of thousands of players, whereas you will find that more reputable instant win games are fairer to the consumer.

One controversial tip for possibly increasing your chances of winning is to buy a strip of scratch cards rather than the same number on different days of the week, with the rationale being that the odds of getting a winning ticket go up if you buy several tickets at once. Whether this trick actually increases your odds of winning in instant win games like scratch card games, scratch games, scratch off games or ‘scratchers’ is anyones guess and it would all depend on the method used in the generation and printing of the scratch cards. However a lot of avid gamblers swear by it!

Claiming your prize straight away sounds like simple advice for any player of instant win games, however you would be surprised at the amount of lucky winners in instant win games like scratch games, scratch off games or ‘scratchers’ who actually fail to claim the prize money won. A winning scratch card can be lost or stolen, so carrying it around it like carrying the equivalent cash sum around with you. Most people wouldn’t take the risk of carrying cash, so why take the risk when you are doing the exact same thing with your winning scratch card? The best approach is to treat your winning scratch card in a safe place and get it exchanged for cash as soon as you possibly can. When you have the cash you can then choose to save or invest it, but at least you can out it in the bank, unlike a winning scratch card which you will probably be tempted to stuff in a pocket or drawer for safekeeping.