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How to Play Craps – A Beginner’s Guide

Author: Neha Agrawal

Craps is one of the more popular games that you might find in a real land-based, brick and mortar casino. Despite it not being as popular in the online casino gaming world, there are still quite a few sites and casinos out there that specialize in offering this great casino game.

For those of you who have never played Craps before, the basics can be learned quite quickly. In order to play basic Craps, you only need to learn what a Pass Line bet is – for all the other Craps bets can be learned later on.

Your Pass Line bet must be made before the shooter rolls two dice on the Craps table. If the shooter rolls a seven or an eleven, you win your bet. If the shooter rolls a two, three or twelve, then you lose your bet. If any other number appears on the table, the shooter must roll that number again (this is called the point number), before a seven is rolled. If the player rolls the point number first you win your bet, if the shooter rolls a seven first, you lose it.

Very basically, that is how the game of Craps is played. There are, of course, plenty more ways to bet, and in fact, a total of forty different bets exist in the game of Craps. Over time a player would do well to learn what each and every one of these bets means.

As mentioned however, to begin betting in Craps, you only need to know the Pass Line bet, which we have just discussed. While some of the additional bets might be very appealing to you, a good portion of them are very unlikely to be pulled off, so you would do well to fully understand exactly which Craps bets to stay away from; unless of course, you happen to be flush with cash.

Craps is a simple dice game that is available in every land-based casino, and in some form in every truly good online casino. There are also a number of Craps related strategy books available on the market, and a series of Craps related websites that can teach you the do’s and don’ts of playing Craps both online and off.

Craps games are also available for free at many websites, and all gamblers keen on playing this dice game are advised, if they don’t know how to play already, to familiarize themselves with the game by playing for free before attempting to play Craps for real money.