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How to spot Blacklisted Online Casino Sites

Author: Dolly Gambler

Every rogue casino (blacklisted casino) that is out there, will appear somewhere on a casino blacklist. All you have to do is follow the blacklists, to identify just which the blacklisted online casino sites are. Fortunately, this is a lot easier than it sounds.

Where can I find blacklists?

Casino blacklists can be found at most of the major casino review sites, although there are a handful of online websites that specialise in identifying naughty online casinos. Once you have found a website which details blacklisted online casino sites, it should take you no time at all to find the blacklist, as it usually plastered on or near the home page.

Things to look for

Several casino blacklists exist. Some will be for casinos failing to pay-out players, others will be for online casinos with dodgy pay-out percentages, and there will be an array of other lists for other things. For instance, some may be organised by software type, and others by name. The first thing you should do is check to see if your online casino has made any of the lists.

Check out your own casino’s history

Unless you are looking for a new place to play, your interest is going to be directly focused on your chosen online casino. That is the first thing that you should be looking for. If you see some complaints which have caused your site to be blacklisted, find out what they are for, and what is being done about them. If you haven’t played at any online casinos before, just make sure that the first casino you choose to play at, isn’t one that appears on a casino blacklist.

Investigate and report, especially if you feel hard done by Just because you don’t see your online casino on the casino review sites’ blacklist, doesn’t mean it is squeaky clean. Why not do a bit of investigating of your own. Your online casino should publish their pay-out percentages, or at the very least, provide you with them, if asked. Take a look at them, and see if they are fair (when measured against the industry standard). If you think there’s something up, or you have personally been wronged in the past by an online casino, first contact customer support at the online casino. If they fail to assist you or provide you with an answer that satisfies you, take it up with a casino blacklist site for help, and to warn others about the casino.