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Is Strip Poker Purely a Drunken Teenagers' Game?

Author: Neha Agrawal

Strip Poker used to be taboo, but now it is as common as ants at a picnic. Many people still consider Strip Poker to be a childish game, played by immature and/or randy teenagers desperate to undress their friends to see how they look naked.

Nothing, however, could be further from the truth. While it is absolutely true that many people will admit to having played Strip Poker at some point in their lives, primarily during their teenage years and at parties, this doesn’t at all justify Strip Poker being branded a drunken teenagers' game.

Instead, there are a great many other kinds of people who play and furthermore, enjoy playing Strip Poker. Strip Poker has also been known to be a wonderful way of spicing up the love life between partners. Whilst it is true that they in all likelihood see each other nude plenty of times throughout the year, the excitement and thrill which comes with playing the game has been known to work wonders on some couples.

Alternatively, there is also the gambling aspect to some Strip Poker games which is very appealing. Strip Poker is known as the game where you wager your clothes, but in the online gambling world especially, you still must wager real money in order to see the goods of the other competitors. In this sense, the game takes on less of a saucy naughty stripping game, and more of a very honest gambling game, with a twist.

Most gambling games have a twist, it is just that in this particular one, the twist is that you or your fellow players may be sitting fully in the buff before the end of the game. Now I am not trying to say that Strip Poker is a general gambling game that can be played by all, because it is not. If you are shy, timid or embarrassed about your body, or if you find that your body is something that is reserved only for you and your partner, then obviously Strip Poker is probably not something you want to be playing. But for other players, whether gambling or not, Strip Poker provides a sense of excitement and a thrill as well as possibly a good stack of money too.

While Strip Poker continues to be played across the world by teenagers, it will always have a bad reputation as a game boys play with girls to trick them into losing their garments. However, there is much more to it than that, and hopefully, sometime soon, Strip Poker will be fully appreciated for what it is; a simple, exciting gambling game, with a twist that is played solely for fun.