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Is Strip Poker Really a Gambling Game?

Author: Neha Agrawal

Strip Poker is often thought of as a sexy game; an adult game, if you will. And while it is a poker variant to be sure, does Strip Poker really count as a gambling game in the more technical sense of the term?

Let’s look at the basics of the game; you are playing poker which, more often than not, is considered a gambling game. You do have things to win or lose, just as you would in any other gambling game. And although you seldom have to wager any money in the game of Strip Poker, you are wagering something of value to a certain degree. Instead of wagering with cash or chips, you are wagering with clothes, the very clothes you happen to be wearing.

So whether or not Strip Poker is considered a gambling game really comes down to how you view gambling. It is essentially up to you to decide what constitutes gambling. If you feel that gambling means winning or losing solely money, then Strip Poker is not a gambling game, per se. However, if you consider the loss of your clothes a fair wager or price to pay, then yes, Strip Poker could be considered a gambling game.

This is when we are talking Strip Poker at its most basic though; when Strip Poker involves nothing more than the losing player losing their sweaters or socks, bras or boxers. There are other forms of Strip Poker, however, that certainly do involve cash.

Online variants of Strip Poker can see you wager real money in an attempt to undress a sexy model, either male or female. These variants see players dealt a hand of cards, and with that hand the players are awarded from a pay table much as they would be with video poker. On some occasions they must use their real money to strip the model of their clothes. This does constitute gambling, absolutely.

It is a difficult question to ask, but rather than focus on whether Strip Poker is indeed a gambling game or not, perhaps you should ask yourself if it is a game that you would be willing to wager money on? Strip Poker is first and foremost supposed to be about fun. The thrill of potentially getting some sexy hunk or gorgeous gal in their undergarments is the main focus of the game; that, and trying to avoid sitting “starkers” at the table with everyone ogling your intimate parts themselves.

So, Strip Poker is about fun and not money. If you are prepared to pay for the privilege then that is your call, but to most of us, Strip Poker is a game about excitement with the possibility of a bit of nudity and big laughs. You’re still kind of gambling, even without the money, aren’t you?