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Is Trump Making the Ultimate Gamble?

Author: Skyla Burrell

Gambling City is and always has been fiercely non-political. We believe everyone should do what makes them happy, mind their own business, and let others do what makes them happy, leaving little room for the posturing and puffing of modern-day politics.

Love him or hate him, just hearing the name Donald Trump elicits a reaction from almost everyone in the world. that’s quite something when you think of it. I’ll just put it out there, as far as history is recorded it’s generally the incredibly brilliant and the incredibly terrible human beings that elicit reactions from the world at large. I will leave you, the reader, to your own thoughts on this.

Currently, the United States government is in day 17 of a partial shutdown. Is President Trump making the ultimate gamble and putting everything on the line in hopes of the big win on the border wall? The risks are high, but are the rewards also high? And, exactly who is really taking that gamble? And who will really reap the rewards of that big win?

Is it the 800k+ Americans who are not making any money at the moment? Are they the ones risking it all for some incredible return? No, afraid not, most Americans live pay-check to pay-check and at the end of all this is perhaps at best, the chance to be paid back for the time they had to work during the shutdown, no extras involved. So, that’s not really a gamble most of us would be willing to make.

Is Donald Trump gambling with the lives of innocent Americans and those seeking a better life by coming to America, so that he can tick that win box in the history books? From the outside looking in, the southern border stats don’t hold up to the narrative of danger presented to the world by Trump which begs the question, why take such a gamble with hard-working people’s lives?

Three branches of government in the United States all hold equal power. They are the Executive, (President and about 5,000,000 workers), the Legislative (Senate and House of Representatives) and the Judicial (Supreme Court and lower courts). The Legislative branch has been willing to negotiate so that among other things, the winning category can also include the ‘Dreamers’ or those brought to the United States as very young children by their parents illegally. The Executive branch, in the person of Donald Trump, however, has refused to accept anything less than a massive, once-in-a-lifetime win and, unfortunately, has vowed to “keep the shutdown going as long as it takes, even if it is years.”

The cards have been dealt, the dice rolled, everyone is taking that deep breath in waiting to see who the real winner here will actually be... if anyone.