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Live Dealer Casinos Offer Some Poker Variations

Author: Neha Agrawal

While the Live Dealer Casinos have created a great deal of excitement for most casino players, there are some games which are difficult to present in this format. The most notable of them is poker, including most of the popular versions of the game, such as Hold ‘em and Draw.

Live Dealer Casinos usually feature games where it is the player versus the dealer, or the house. Blackjack, for example, is a game perfectly suited for play in a Live Dealer Casino. Roulette, too is a very good game for a Live Dealer Casino.

But most versions of poker are not player vs. dealer, but player vs. player. The normal simulated game has worked very well online. Cards are hidden other than your own and the community cards and betting can take place in the usual manner. You just can’t get visual “tells” on other players like you can if they were sitting around the table.

There are now some online gaming sites which offer live dealer Texas hold ‘em, but they are expensive to operate and not that common. Other versions of poker are easier to play with a Live Dealer and most online casinos do offer them. These include some Asian versions of the game such as Pai Gow Poker.

Another version of the game which is offered by many Live Dealer Casinos is “Three Card Poker.” If you’re not familiar with it, it is somewhat like Draw Poker, but with some major differences. If you’re a long-time poker player, the action of three Card poker probably seems very limited.

Both the dealer and the player eventually get three cards. When the cards are revealed, the dealer has to have a hand of at least a Queen high or there is no action on the player bets.

There are other betting options to the game to try to make it at least a little more interesting. There is an ante bet, which provides the player with additional options and payoffs as the hand is being dealt. There is also a “Pair Plus” bet which the player can make. Some casinos also offer a “Prime” bet which is based on the color of the cards. Some of the bets are a lot like proposition bets that players make when they are playing regular versions of poker.

Three Card Poker is increasing in popularity in all casinos and that includes Live Dealer Casinos. It is not very likely the choice of a devoted or longtime player of regular poker games, but probably more to the liking of those who enjoy video poker.