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Live Dealer Casinos Offer a Realistic Version of Baccarat

Author: Neha Agrawal

The desire of online Baccarat players to have an actual dealer running their games has been met through the creation of Live Dealer Casinos. They offer the same game you’ve always been playing in your casino and are run by an actual dealer. It is not the simulated game you would otherwise get at an online gaming site.

A Live Dealer Casino not only lets you play Baccarat with a live dealer, but they will at least try to create an atmosphere resembling an actual casino. Behind the dealer, there are usually slot machines and other sites you would expect to see near an actual Baccarat table.

Though the dealer and the cards are real and live, there are still parts of the Live Dealer Baccarat game that are simulated. This is true even though the online casino tries to make them seem quite real. For instance, the chips which sit in front of you are not just in the various denominations, but are also different colours, just like you’d get at an actual table.

Usually, the name of the dealer will be on display on your screen and you’ll have the option of talking with him or her. Normally, the chat option just means typing or reading a short message, but in this casino, the dealer will often talk back to you and usually mentions your name during the play.

There are other features of playing in a Live Dealer Casino which give the players extra convenience over a brick and mortar casino.. It’s easier to get more chips, for instance.

Rather than having to wait for the dealer or someone else in charge to take and count your money and then pass out your chips, you just have to hit the rebuy option always available on your screen.

Your balance is also available to you at all times. No more double-checking to see if there’s another chip in your stack, or a chip in the wrong stack, like a red chip that you didn’t notice was buried in the middle of a stack of blacks, for example. Also, the screen will alert you as to how much time you have to make your bets.

Leaving the game is also easy at an Live Dealer Online Casino. You won’t need to make any more awkward exits from the table. Just click the button and you’ll be taken to the lobby.