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Live Roulette

Author: Neha Agrawal

Online casinos and now mobile online casinos have always offered Roulette as one of their prime games. But until recently, the game that members of online casinos were playing was a simulated game. There was no real wheel and no real felt. The wheel would still seem to be spinning and you could still make all the same bets you would make in person at a casino, but the feeling was different, at least for many players.

At least if you were playing at a reputable online casino, you could still count on the wheel spinning in a fair and random manner (of course you should never be playing with your money at a disreputable casino, anyway. If you have any doubts, check the website for details about rogue and blacklisted casinos operating online.) But for some Roulette players, even if the game was fair, it still didn’t have the same feel that they were used to when playing the game in a land-based location.

The solution offered to this problem by many online sites was the creation of live croupiers for Roulette. If you’re a member of one of these casinos, once you click on the option of Live Roulette, you will be taken by video to an actual table with a trained croupier operating the game.

Your screen will then give you all the wagering options that you normally have at a Roulette table. In most places offering the Live Dealer option, you can also talk to the Croupier. He or she (and it usually seems to be a she, and a lovely lady at that) will normally mention your name and the others playing at that table.

Often, a clock is present on the screen telling you how much time you have left to play. The croupier will then signal and tell you when all betting time is over. After all bets are down, the croupier will then put the ball into the reel and spin the winning number.

Most Live Roulette then gives you a close-up picture of the Roulette wheel as it is spinning or at least gives you the option of choosing that look on your screen. After the spin, the screen will tell you the winning number (in case you couldn’t see it) and your result for that bet.

In addition to the live croupier, most online casinos also have a pit boss available to aid you during the game. Everything is arranged in a way to make you feel like you’re in a live casino while still having all the convenience of your computer or mobile device.