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Luxor Casino

Author: Stuart Mendelson

The Luxor Casino in Las Vegas may not be one of the best American casinos, but it is certainly among the most architecturally interesting.

It is constructed, as you might guess from the name, to give you the feeling of being in ancient Egypt. In fact, when you are inside the casino itself, you are basically on the bottom of a pyramid. Each floor above it gets progressively smaller (as a pyramid does) and is part of the Luxor hotel. If you are staying in one of these rooms, when you open your door you step into a hallway which gives you a view of the casino floor. (Remember, your floor is smaller than the floor below, so there is nothing to obstruct your view.)

It is part of the MGM Resorts International chain of Las Vegas casino-hotels and its slots and tables are pretty much routine for the group -- while they are nothing to complain about, they are also nothing special. The Mlife Players Club, which the entire chain uses, offers some benefits but does not compare to the Total Rewards program of the Caesar's chain, much less the innovative program at the Tropicana Casino.

One big advantage that the Luxor offers is that it is on the private (and free) tram line that brings you to several other MGM properties. Especially in the summer months, walking from hotel to hotel on The Strip can be a very hot and uncomfortable activity. The tram, therefore, gives you the chance to see and play in other MGM casinos without suffering from heat exhaustion.

Is it worth a visit? Yes -- for a change of pace for Mlife Players Club members who visit Las Vegas so often that they are bored with their regular hotels.