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Manage Your Money Well When Playing Roulette

Author: Neha Agrawal

The odds paid off at Roulette, like almost all other casino games, are set to give the house an edge. A slight edge of less than 3% on European Roulette-but still an edge. This means that the longer you play the game, the less chance you have of being ahead for your session.

One approach to dealing with this is to bring a money management strategy to the game. Decide how much you would be happy to win before you start playing. If you bring, say £500 to a session, would you be happy winning £100, or 20%? If so, you should gear your Roulette strategy to that target.

If you want to play one number for £10 a spin, (whatever the amount, the odds are the same) your number needs to come up at least once in the first 26 spins for you to make a 20% profit. If it comes in on spin 26, you will be paid 35-1, or £350, plus your £10 bet will be returned. Your total bets at that point would be £260, so your profit would be your target of £100.

At this point if you’re following the principles of money management, you should walk away from the table if you’re playing at a land-based casino, or click off at an online or mobile casino.

Remember that you need a bit of luck to win at Roulette because the odds are not in your favor. Your number should only come in once every 37 spins. It might not come in for a much longer time than that. But if it has come in at a point that gives you a profit, and a decent one at that, and you’re serious about making money, you should stop playing and hold on to your winnings.

If you are fortunate enough to end up hitting your number before spin 26, you’ll be ahead of your profit goal of 20%. For example, if it comes in on spin 11, you’ll be ahead £250, or a 50% profit of the money you brought to your session. At this point, you will be £150 ahead of your profit target. You could just stop playing, or you can continue your Roulette play with the extra money until your profit goes down to your target.

You might also change your strategy and start playing something other than one number. Obviously, other multiple bets will pay off more often than one number. If you’re ahead and you do change the way you’re playing, you may even make your profit goal a little higher.

No matter what type of gambling you are doing, money management is very important. It is especially true in any type of Roulette, where the odds are not in your favor and the longer you play, the more likely you are to lose.