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Money Wheels and Free Spin Sign-up Bonuses

Author: Neha Agrawal

Some of the more obscure casino promotions include money wheels and free spin sign-up bonuses. They are not as well-known as other kinds of casino offers, but are definitely worth a quick look.

Money Wheel offers

Money Wheel offers generally tend to be casino promotions that are aimed at new players. A player may receive a No deposit bonus, and if they aren’t happy with it (or if they haven’t won), they may be given money wheel offers to make up for it, a kind of second chance bonus if you will. These bonuses often involve spinning a wheel (upon which sit various sums of cash), and where that wheel lands, the player will pocket that specific sum of money as a welcome bonus.

Free Spin Sign-Up Bonuses

By contrast, some online casinos find free spin bonuses as their favoured casino promotions for new players. With these casino offers, players will be able to play a specific number of free spins on a predetermined slot machine game. Whatever they win with those free spins will be their welcome bonus. On occasion, some online casinos may then decide to give players money wheel offers, if they aren’t content with what they have won with the free spins sign-up bonus.

Which is the better deal?
There is no real way to determine what the better deal is over the other. Of course, if a chosen casino’s promotions involve both (free spins and then money wheel) bonuses, then that is the best option. However, if it does not, it really depends on what you find most appealing. Free spin sign-up bonuses tend to be small in stature (as they are often played on the minimum stake), whilst money-wheel bonuses could be big (but could be worth peanuts) as they are entirely randomised.