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What are the Most Important Things to Look for in an Online Casino?

Author: Josh Wilde ~ author of Wilde is the Joker

Admittedly, there will be nothing new in this article for Gambling City veterans, but if you are just starting out in playing at online casinos, the advice given here is crucial.

The most important thing is a casino's reputation both on our own forums and others. Careful research will reveal which are the best gambling sites and recommended casinos.

One of the most valuable sources is Gambling Grumbles. Is a casino in its Hall of Shame? If so, steer clear of it. Are there reports about the casino? Read them. You might find out that the casino handled complaints Gambling Grumbles sent in very well – or conversely, very poorly. This should help you decide if you want to play there.

Next, do a search for casinos using Gambling City's listings. You may well find out that it will not accept players from your country. That will save you the trouble of going through the next, and most time-consuming, step: Reading the casino's T&Cs – both the general ones and any special rules it has set up for a bonus it is offering. You may well find some rules that you find too objectionable and you will also be protecting yourself from unknowingly breaking a rule and risking having your winnings confiscated.

Once you are satisfied with the above, try playing at the casino and see if you enjoy the games that it offers. Software is crucial as to whether or not you will like a site and there is no sense in playing if it is not fun. Hopefully, you will win at least a small amount which will give you the opportunity to see how easy or difficult this casino makes withdrawals.

Another factor you should take into consideration is where a casino is licensed. Yes, there are good and bad casinos in every jurisdiction, but in general, it is our experience that you will have fewer problems with casinos licensed in Malta, Gibraltar, the Channel Islands, the UK, and the Kahnawake tribe in Canada.

One step below that are casinos licensed in Curacao and a few more steps down the stairs are those licensed in Costa Rica. Remember, this is only a general guide – you will find some fine casinos in Costa Rica and horrible ones in Malta. Still, it is worth keeping in mind – as is avoiding any casinos licensed anywhere else.

The most important rule is never to bet even one penny more than you can afford to lose. In fact, when I make a deposit at a casino I consider that money as the price I am willing to pay to have some fun and expect to lose it. When I win, that is a very happy extra!