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Novelty Betting | Wagering on Non-Sports Events

Author: Skyla Burrell

Are online slot games not doing it for you? Are betting on casino table games like Baccarat and Craps that have so many rules not sound very appealing? Does betting on sports that you have no real knowledge of and that are more complex than understanding the Large Hadron Collider sound stressful? No worries, novelty bets just might be what you are looking for.

Novelty bets are also referred to as exotic bets or special wagers and are much simpler to understand and wager on than sports betting, however the basic concept is the same. Both are based upon wagering on the outcome of an event. From politics, to entertainment, and everything in between, novelty bets appeal to a wide range of people and varying interests.

One major plus with novelty betting is the house and player pretty much stand on even ground, unlike with sports betting where there are historical statistics the house can pull from and thus inherently has the advantage. In fact, when placing exotic bets many times the player has a distinctive advantage over the house based on their knowledge of the event.

Some of the more popular novelty wagering events available include the following but are not limited to, as the sea of potential outcomes on events is like the ocean, seemingly endless.

Our fascination with the rich and famous puts this category first on the list. Common novelty events include celebrity births and deaths, although the death wager may be a little morbid, it is surprisingly popular. Other celebrity novelty bets include break-ups, make-ups, and hook-ups, relapses, and rehab, just about anything you could think of.

Madonna Fall

Novelty bets on politics much like politics themselves are very cantankerous and of course have a popular fan base. Wagering on the outcome of elections across the world is always a favorite but there are also more interesting and amusing bets offered like who will be the next politician caught with a hooker or which politician will be busted for drunk driving. On a more serious tone there are specials which also involve outcomes for inclusion into NATO and other global organizations.

Political Scandal

This also ties into celebrities but has its own category here as there are so many types of award shows, categories, and opportunities for creative novelty bets. Of course, there is the standard, who will win the award bet, but there are also funnier options like will any award nominees fall on the red carpet, will any incorrect winners be announced, and will any hosts be slapped by Will Smith.

Chris Rock and Will Smith

Pop culture pervades modern society and has earned a space as one of the more popular options within the novelty betting market. Enthusiasts of reality TV shows will find a plethora of events to wager on from dating shows to naked people surviving alone, and more. Other interesting pop culture specials include when a band might break up, when a show be cancelled, and box office positions.