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Online Bingo for US Players

Author: Sylvia Garcia

With its ever-increasing popularity amongst American players, several online bingo sites are now targeting their marketing efforts toward the American audience. Legislation passed in the USA, namely the UIGEA 2006 (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act), has caused many online bingo sites to decline players from the United States. However there are still a number of decent bingo sites where U.S. players are still accepted.

But what this means are American players need to be especially vigilant for rogue or unscrupulous casinos that are out to exploit American players. The management at these casinos know Americans have little to no recourse for action. If an American player gets scammed, they cannot call the cops as doing so can cause them to face certain penalties.

So how do you distinguish the legitimate and trusted sites (that are accepting U.S. players) and that offer high-quality software and a safe environment for depositing money from the unscrupulous ones? You seek out reputable sites.

This is easily done by visiting the big-name bingo sites such as Bingo Hall, New Bingo Billy or Big Time Bingo. These bingo sites are well-established with thousands of visitors each day and are a great option if you are concerned with making certain that bingo websites are legitimate without having to do the research.

And if these sites aren’t a good fit for you, don’t despair. There are many reputable bingo sites listed on the Gambling City website that are available for you to participate in.

Now let’s discuss bonuses. No deposit bingo bonuses or free bingo promotions are common offers on reputable sites, so be wary of those that do not offer them. Most will offer both a bonus and free bingo rooms. This is an important and almost fool-proof way to tell a legitimate site from a fraudulent one.

These legitimate bingo sites realize the importance of allowing its players to play for free, especially when just starting out, in order to ensure players can navigate the site and all it offers. The bingo bonuses are an added perk that you rarely find on scam sites. The scam sites almost always ask for money up front.

Playing online bingo, at a reputable bingo site, is a great way to spend your free time and it offers an amazing opportunity to win some great prizes or even large sums of cash. Do not let the scammers scare you away from playing. Just follow these general guidelines, guidelines that you should always follow when on the Internet, and you will soon find a bingo site that you can call home.