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Online Casino Promotions – Welcome Bonuses Are Ongoing Promotions

Author: Neha Agrawal

There are a number of different welcome bonuses at online casinos. These are very definitely online casino promotions, and are designed to attract new members.

At one point in time it was believed that casino welcome bonuses might become a thing of the past, but they have stuck like glue to this industry, and any brand worth their salt is going to offer something real in order to attract new members. The key word here is “REAL”, I don’t mean the fly-by-night websites that offer thousands of pounds or dollars in return for miniscule deposits – then make the player adhere to unbelievable wagering terms. I mean well established brands with reasonable welcome bonuses, that make good sense, as well as offer great value for money. At the very least an online casino should offer 100% on deposits of (say we are working in £) £10 or more. This should be valued up to a maximum of £100 – 200, but no more, unless the bonus is specifically designed for high rollers.

New members also need to take cognisance of the fact that there will be bonus wagering requirement – sometimes called real money turnover. Some websites use other terms, but it means the amount of cash that must be spent before the casino welcome bonuses are released. However all bonuses are subject to wagering requirements, and any good casino will advertise what these are. UK websites are mostly very good about this, especially the recognisable brands.

No matter how much a new player is attracted by online casino promotions which offer them a very warm welcome, any wagering requirements above 25 – 30 time should be met with distain. If they really want to play at this site, then only make a small first deposit, or be prepared to be wrapped up in wagering requirements for a rather long and expensive time.

While welcome bonuses are ongoing promotions, available at every online casino, some of these websites also offer no-deposit bonuses, but this is not the norm. A free tenner or fiver goes down really well to try the games before you buy. But remember if the player wins, rarely if ever, is the prize money the players’ to keep, unless they have first made a deposit and met the wagering requirements.

All of this information can be found in the casinos Terms and Conditions, and never make the mistake of not giving these a read. Know what you are, or are not entitled to, and you will have a great deal more fun.