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Online Poker Careers – “hotjenny314” In the Limelight

Author: Neha Agrawal

Many promising online poker careers were cut short in the aftermath of Black Friday. This fateful day took place on Friday the 15th April 2011, and many of us could barely believe what had happened. But for professional players of the online version of this game, the closure of PokerStars, Full Tilt and a couple of other US-facing websites – was the end of many potentially lucrative careers. But there are some players who have not cow-towed to the US Department of Justice, and have taken their poker game to greener pastures.

One just such person is Katie Stone - katie75013 – a member of a group of four female players who call themselves The Grindettes. They all have the same unique background – they poker for a living. But not all have left the USA to relocate to Rosarito, Mexico so they can make a living the best way they know how - play poker online. Katie Stone has!

It appears to be most paradoxical when a game that is supposedly as American as apple pie is taken and criminalised, but is only criminal when played online. It is an adverse decision to make, but relocating to follow a chosen career path has become the order of the day for dozens of online poker players; now Katie “hotjenny314” Dozier, follows Katie Stone's footsteps.

In 2004, while attending Florida State University, this pro poker player majored in creative writing, and started playing poker quite by accident. Also at the time, she worked her way up through the poker ranks, whilst still attending French culinary school in Washington DC. She has over $110,000 in poker winnings to her name, and is married author Collin Moshman, who is also a poker pro. He has penned a number of books on poker technique which she has edited and even co-authored.

This girl takes her online poker seriously, and after a successful Las Vegas summer season, which included deep runs into the WSOP, she made the seriously life-changing decision to become another online poker emigreé.

Heading south of the border to Mexico, Katie now gets to play the games she prefers - bounty tournaments are the name of her game. She is a libertarian, has been disenchanted by the United States government for some time, so, was ready for the move. Black Friday was just the straw that broke the camels’ back for this girl. Now she gets to play as much online poker as her heart desires, and even lives so close to her friend Katie Stone that she can chat to her from her balcony, without having to go online.