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Online Roulette for High Rolling Players

Author: Neha Agrawal

There are a great many online casino games that have been specifically designed for high rolling players, and many of them can cost considerable amounts of money to play. One online casino game that has been ripped straight out of Las Vegas or the French Riviera and is somewhat renowned for being a high costs game at times is roulette. Roulette is one of the high rollers favourite online casino games to play, because it has such a great variety of betting options to make. With online roulette for high rollers, you can wager simply with just less than a fifty percent chance of success (if you take into account the house edge), or you can stand such a small percentage of winning by wagering on an individual result but win a massive sum of money.

Basically high rolling roulette works exactly the same as in any other roulette game that you might find online; the critical difference however is that the minimum wagers are considerably higher than you would find in a standard game of roulette. That being said, the amount of money you can win is also considerably larger than you would ever be offered in standard roulette. At the same time, it is still feasibly possible for standard rolling players to play a hand or two of high rolling roulette if they have enough financial clout. High rolling roulette is also very appealing because the rules are exactly the same as standard roulette, so if you know how to play the game and more importantly, how to wager, there is no reason for absolute failure when you move up to the high stakes level.

When it comes to high rolling games, it is all about the money. Because of this, most high rollers favour European roulette to American roulette. The American variant has a zero and a double zero spot on the roulette wheel (both of which you cannot wager on, and mean instant defeat at the roulette betting table). This hands the house a 5.26% edge. In European roulette there is only one zero spot on the roulette wheel, meaning the house has a lessened edge of only 2.7%, meaning the player has a marginally greater chance of winning.

Of course with roulette of any kind, players have just under a fifty percent chance of winning if they wager on a colour or odds and evens rather than any of the other betting patterns on the table. This makes high rolling roulette a personal favourite of many gamers who delve into the high rolling online casino world for the very first time, and considering the amounts of money that players can wager, why shouldn’t they be entitled to wager simple at the beginning? High roller roulette is ideal for all first time high rollers who have some knowledge of betting patterns on roulette to begin with.