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Online Slots versus Land Based Casino Slots

Author: Dolly Gambler

The gaming experience has evolved a great deal, from betting and gaming on the streets to land based casinos, and now to full-fledged online casinos. Slot machines still hold the top spot in popularity in the gaming industry. Slot machines have come a long way over the years and the question still remains, what is better, land casinos or online slots?

Over the years land based casinos have traditionally been the most popular. Slot machines and card games always seem to attract attention from all types of people wanting to try their hand at lady luck. Slot machines historically tend to pay better than all gaming tables in a land based casino combined. Listening to the bells and seeing the lights flash tend to keep the fascination going.

Due to the advance in technology, land based casinos have come over to the digital side. Digital slot machines have been around for more than a decade and going online with these digital games have now become a popular way to play. Many people do not realize that land slot machines are simply computers in a nut shell. Each slot machine has a number generator chip inside the shell of the computer. This is exactly what has enabled the transition to the online slot machines so easy.

Playing online slots is not any different for the player than playing land based slots. The odds of the win are the same, the way you play is the same and the graphics are as realistic, as if you were in a land casino. However there are a few differences between the two.

One of the many benefits of playing online slots is that you get the gaming experience from your own home. Another great thing is that, when in a land based casino, if you need to go to the rest room or want a bite to eat or drink, there is always the worry that someone may grab your machine. With online casinos, you never need to worry as you can stop your game play and come back if and when you're ready.

Most land based casinos offer their players the option of drinking and smoking, at an online casino you have the leisure of being in an alcohol and smoke free environment should you desire. On the flip side, if you're a drinker, you’ll have the upper hand by being able to enjoy your drink and not having to worry about driving while under the influence of alcohol.

Most land based casinos reward you for playing an extended amount of money, or an extended amount of hours in their casino. Most online casinos do the same thing. Almost every online casino gives you bonus money for the deposits that you make, referring a friend or even hitting a certain deposit amount over time. Winner payouts from an online casino are very fast and easy as well, with no waiting in line.