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Open All Day and All Night is One of Las Vegas’ Legacies

Author: Neha Agrawal

One of the distinctive features that made Las Vegas unique were the hours of operation of the casinos. Actually, there weren't any specific hours, they were always open. Until recently, that was not the way that most of the other major casinos of the world operated. Their casinos were an evening activity, and a glamorous one at that. Usually, they did not open their doors until the early evening. But in Las Vegas, the casinos never closed. If you wanted to play at an early morning hour, you could, or if you preferred, in the middle of the afternoon. There was also no need to bring your formal attire. Everyone was welcome.

Nowadays, not only are most land-based casinos open around the clock, but online casinos are also open at all times and ready to handle your action no matter what game you want to play. You can gamble and you can also fund your account at any hour. Of course, if you are playing at an online casino, it might be the middle of the night where you are playing, but another person playing cards at the same table might be from a different part of the world where it’s the middle of the day.

With the casinos open all the time in Las Vegas, many of the high rollers like to come into the place at a very late hour of the night. It lets them gamble when the casino is not that crowded. It lets them play at tables with less traffic. It also gives the player a greater chance to control the pace of the action.

This is especially the case in a game such as blackjack. The players who take the game very seriously like to come to the casino when they can be the only player at a table, rather than part of a full group of six or eight. Without a lot of other players at the table, they do have more control of the pace of the game. And if they are card-counting, they find it much easier to do so without anyone else playing at their table.

Nowadays, online casinos not only are open 24 hours, but they encourage their members to play at the late hours. Some online casinos offer special bonuses to players who make deposits after midnight. As long as they're open, casinos will try to encourage people to play late at night or, more likely, keep playing late into the night.