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Paying for Your Online Poker

Author: Neha Agrawal

Playing poker online for real money will obviously require you to set up a payment method one way or another. Because of the nature of playing online, you can’t simply walk into an online casino with a wallet full of cash and expect everything to sort itself out. If you must therefore make a transaction to your online poker site account, you’ll want to make certain that you are doing it in the most trustworthy and reliable way possible.

There is any number of great payment methods for players to use when transferring money from their accounts to online poker sites. Obviously, credit cards are the main way that most people’s will think of transferring funds; however there are several other options available that you should probably know about before you decide which path to take in regards to your finances.

Naturally, most online poker sites accept payment by Visa and Master Card, however because we are living in a digital age where many things are done online (including theft), you may be reluctant to add your credit card details into the site. This is perfectly understandable; however the risks are minimal because online poker sites now have tip top, truly top notch software to safeguard against credit card fraud.

However, if you do wish to go another way; you are not short of options. E-wallets are one sure fire why of safeguarding your credit card details. An e-wallet is quite literally what it sounds; it is a digital wallet that you can carry about yourself whilst paying online.

Pay Pal is one such example of an e-wallet, and you use this for almost everything; although in the online poker world – perhaps Neteller, Skrill and U Kash are more popular. The basic premise is that you don’t have to enter your card details to make a payment; instead transfer money from your card to your e-wallet, and from there to your online poker site account.

Another option if offered is Pay Safe Card. This enables you to pay in an outlet in your local high street for a voucher which is then entered into your poker site account. It means again, that you can avoid using a credit card entirely.

There are other options, such as bank transfers (debit cards) and wire transfers. Paying by cheque is also an outdated by still viable option in some online poker sites. Some sites offer poker bonuses for using a specific payment method and others offer regional favourites. Always check what offer is going to work best for you, rather than just simply deciding which one is easiest. E-wallets appear at present to be a personal favourite of many online poker players.