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Playing Pachinko for Profit

Author: Neha Agrawal

Most of the people in the world who play Pachinko do so just for fun and do not gamble on the game. However, if you do play Pachinko for money, you should adopt a strategy, an approach to the game of Pachinko, which can make your play profitable.

The first thing you need to understand is the nature of Pachinko. It is a very difficult game to win. The odds are very much against you winning. Depending on where you might be playing, the odds of success are usually anywhere from 50-1 to 100-1. Most of the balls that you play in the Pachinko machine will not find a winning pocket and there is no in-game strategy that you can use which will change the numbers in your favour.

So once you understand what you are up against, you can adopt a Pachinko strategy which also fits other games in which the odds are against you. These include all versions of Roulette. The longer you play Roulette, the more the laws of mathematics work against you.

The best strategy for winning at Roulette is the same as the strategy you need to use when playing Pachinko. And that is to get out when you’re ahead. Stop playing if you are fortunate enough to be winning. You should set a win goal and a loss limit. Decide how much you want to bet, and perhaps lose, in your session before you start playing Pachinko. Also set a target for your profit. When you reach either your profit goal, or your loss limit, walk away from the machine.

If you’ve managed to win a number of new balls which you can convert into a good payout, the right approach is to only keep playing until your bankroll drops down to the level of profit you set for this session of Pachinko. Remember, in Pachinko, the number of balls you possess is your bankroll. At that point, you need to have the discipline to get up, leave the game, and cash out.

This may require more discipline than most players are able to muster. Pachinko is not an easy game to walk away from, since you are probably playing it because it’s very entertaining and exciting to watch the balls drop and bounce about. But if you’re trying to make money at the game of Pachinko, you need to use a strategy which can give you a profit.

Maybe you don’t want to stop playing when you’re ahead because the game is so entertaining. If that’s the case, you probably shouldn’t be playing Pachinko for money, but just for fun. You should then seek your gambling profits in other games.