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Poker and Blackjack Games for High Rollers

Author: Neha Agrawal

When it comes to high rolling casino games, few come any bigger than online poker. In fact, if one could think of any game to associate high rolling games with, it would most certainly be poker. Generally speaking, high roller Hold ‘Em is the game that most often springs to mind. Unlike other high roller games that offer the gamer a fifty fifty or just under chance of winning, poker is often considering a game of skill rather than luck, and with many possible hands that you must play for; high roller poker is certainly not a game for plucky amateurs.

Every single high roller casino will offer high roller poker amongst the games on their sites. High rolling poker players however, generally need to be flush with casino before they even sit down at the big money poker tables, because this particular high rolling casino game is notoriously expensive to play. On the other hand, the amount of money you can win if you play your cards right (quite literally), is often far more vast than anything you can win on other high rolling games. With of course, the possible exception of online slot machine games with progressive jackpots, which don’t really count.

The average a player can pay per hand in a high rolling poker game can vary greatly, but generally speaking – anywhere between one hundred to one thousand pounds per hand is an accurate figure. Of course high rolling poker can also break those limits, by as little (in high roller terms) as fifty per hand, or going upwards into the thousands of pounds marks.

Online blackjack games for high rollers aren’t much better. Whilst it is true that generally speaking you can get away with paying a lot less for a hand of high rolling blackjack, the money on the table is also naturally much lower than that offered in online poker for high rollers. That being said, players could still find high rolling blackjack hands worth up to five hundred pounds per hand, sometimes more.

Online blackjack, much like poker is one of the most popular high rolling casino games and can be found anywhere where high roller casinos are offered. It is important to remember that in the online casino world, high rolling games – although expensive – don’t represent a new variety of games. This is because the rules regarding high roller poker and blackjack are essentially no different than those of smaller stake games. It should also be stressed that whilst high rolling blackjack can be played by anyone with enough money and a knowledge of blackjack, and will offer a reasonable chance of winning; online high roller poker should not be played by anyone with a poor knowledge of poker in general.