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Pool Betting – Just What is a Pool Bet?

Author: Neha Agrawal

Any Briton that has ever turned on Final Score will be familiar with betting pools. But to those of you not quite familiar with how betting pools work in the football world, what do you need to know?

Football pools are more commonly just known as “the pools”, and basically what it is, is a massive betting pool that is based around predicting the outcomes of football matches. Football pools are notoriously cheap to play, but can generate quite large sums of money for those that win on them.

One of the most common forms of football pools is called the Classic Pools game. Here, players pick eight football games (any within the English league) to finish with a score of 2-2 or higher to claim a share of a three million pound pot. The most common company to offer this sort of pooled betting is The Football Pools.

Another possibility while Football Pool Betting is to play the Footy15 game. Here players must choose and predict the outcomes of fifteen top fixtures in the English league to be in with a chance of winning a share of one hundred thousand pounds, with the cost only £1 to enter.

Now I must be clear, when it comes to any gambling pools, punters do not have to predict the score of a game. Instead, they must only predict whether the outcome of the match will be a home victory, an away victory, or a draw.

Other forms of betting pools can also include betting on just the draws themselves. For example, there are a number of football pools games that involve betting on whether a given amount of football league matches will end up as score draws or no score draws.

Rather obviously a score draw is one such as one all, two all, three all, or four all; sometimes more. A no score draw is always a plain and boring nil-nil outcome.

There are so many different types of pool bets on offer that the choice really is up to the player just how they wish to play. But playing football pools does have its advantages, because it means that rather than betting on scores, or playing a multi-bet ticket at an online sportsbooks (for fixed odds) you are playing for the chance to win serious money of untold fortunes.

There is a reason that betting pools have been a big hit in the United Kingdom ever since the early nineteen twenties, when Littlewood’s famously handed out pool tickets outside Manchester United’s football stadium.

If you are interested in the chance to win big sums of money with football, at a low cost as well, then playing the pools is the way to go.