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Potential Problems Playing in Live Dealer Casinos

Author: Neha Agrawal

One of the main reasons that Live Dealer Casinos have continued to increase in popularity is the quality of the presentation. The video is generally in high definition and it makes the view of the game better than ever. But if you are playing at an online Live Dealer Casino which does not have high quality video, or if your computer cannot access such video, your experience will be lessened.

Without great video, very few of these games would be successful in Live Dealer Casinos. For example, if you can’t see the Roulette wheel clearly and you’re not sure what number came in, the whole experience will be ruined. You could just take the word of the croupier, but there’s no real reason to play in any casino where you can’t see what the winning numbers are.

The same is true in the various live dealer card games being offered. If it’s difficult to tell whether you have an 8 or a 9 and have to take the dealer’s word for it, that’s not where you want to be playing, either.

Everything else on the screen has to be clear, too. You need to know how much money is still available to you. You need to know what bets you have already made.

The high-quality video now offered by Live Dealer Casinos addresses all these needs successfully. However, they also require someone to operate the cameras in a correct manner. If you’re playing Sic Bo, you need to have a clear close-up of the dice after they have been juggled. If you’re playing Roulette, you have to be able to see the number after it comes up on the wheel. The camera can’t be too close to the dice or too far from the wheel. Again, if you can’t see the numbers, you should go elsewhere.

One last issue which might come up when you’re playing at a casino involves live dealers or croupiers. Though most of them seem to be women, and beautiful women at that, most of them are not native speakers of English. Many online casinos use dealers trained in Latvia, and most are natives of that country. Others casinos use dealers from Asia. Though most of them seem to speak and understand English quite well, some of them do have heavy accents and you may have trouble understanding them. Then again, some bettors may not be bothered by it and in fact will find it charming.