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Putting Your Wasted Time to Good Use

Author: Neha Agrawal

Gambling pools have long had propositions on popular activities, including election results from around the world as well as various entertainment award shows. It’s also now possible to put what probably seemed like wasted time to your own advantage or profit because, at least in the UK, virtually any pool bets on special events now also includes betting on the outcome of television shows.

If you’ve been watching a program very closely, especially one with contestants, you might have developed a very good sense of who is going to win the show. You can now put that knowledge, or even if it’s a guess, into a bet.

The prominent online operators of gambling pools will let you bet on any number of television shows based in the UK or in the US. It doesn’t matter if they are reality shows such as Survivor and The Great Race or more celebrity-based competitions.

There are even shows like Storage Wars, in which a handful of regulars bid regularly on storage closets that may or may not contain anything worthwhile. You can bet-and if you win, get a dividend which depends on the money in the pools-on which one of the regulars will show the greatest profit for their purchases.

This is in addition to all the other type shows, what you might call regular competition shows such as Idol or Dancing with the Stars. Those series have more of a beginning, middle and end to them and you can also bet on weekly results as contestants get eliminated.

If you didn’t know there was pool betting being offered on these shows, you probably thought you were just wasting your time watching them. But actually you can turn your knowledge of these shows into cash at most any pool bets company you can find online.

The fact that there is betting on these events and money to be made through the bet pools could also get some folks watching these shows who never wanted to watch them before. Suddenly, there is a reason and the reason is to make money.

Whether the outcomes of these shows are really all that predictable is unclear, though they may lend themselves to intelligent speculation. But even if you don’t feel they’re worth that much of your action, you can still make a wager on one of these shows to increase your interest and level of entertainment. In that way, betting on a television show isn’t much different than betting on sporting events.