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Re-launch of FTP Boosts Internets Interest in Poker Online

Author: Neha Agrawal

Pundits are saying that the re-launch of FTP has boosted the interest in online poker, by 10% in additional traffic. While we know that much of the interest being shown in this brand is curiosity, after all of the Black Friday scandal, but then who cares - traffic is still traffic.

Millions of poker players world-wide were left stranded with no-where to play, and outstanding funds owed to them. After more than 15 months of waiting, have obviously gone back to the site to claim whatever funds they may be entitled to. This does not include US players however - all poker players from the US who have a claim against FTP are being required to follow a claiming rout through the USA Department of Justice.

Much of the traffic visiting the site may just be curious poker players, and fans of the game. But there is obviously also going to be some old members and new who sign up, and in fact regular star players have already re-signed as far as I have been made aware.

There was a very definite reason why high-stakes poker punters such as Isildur1 (Viktor Blom) and Tom “durrr” Dwan played with this brand. These two players also happen to be two of the new poker pros. The new ‘face’ of FTP is none other than Gus Hansen. Back in the day the face of the site was Chris “Jesus” Ferguson, however, following on Black Friday investigations, Ferguson, plus other shareholders in the old FTP have been banned from having anything to do with the brand.

Sad really, but they mismanaged this poker product badly, and gave a really bad name to the game. PokerStars paid a massive price to get the site up and running again, not just necessarily to own FTP, but to rescue the good name of online poker.

After launching again on the 6th November, the site also features some new software to help breathe back life. This interface is very similar to the layout and functionality of the website pre Black Friday, and has seen as much action as 50,000 players logged in and more that 20,000 poker tables online playing simultaneously. So, players are obviously stopping at the felt and having a game, rather than taking the money and run. Do these numbers make the product viable? You can guarantee that they do and with good luck will continue to do so.