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Roulette Players Do Not Always Take Their Bonuses

Author: Neha Agrawal

By nature, Roulette players are probably more daring and seeking bigger payoffs than most other players in the casino. It’s not that their game offers the hugest payoffs, though the payoffs are solid. It’s more the case that they are willing to bet serious money in the game while getting substantial payoffs.

The limits at the Roulette table tend to be higher in most casinos, including online and mobile casinos, than they are for most other games. And with winning numbers returning 35-1, it’s easy to see where Roulette players can get some huge payoffs.

Many of the Roulette players who play the game in quest of big returns have developed a theory which seems to go against the belief of most casino members, particularly online casinos. They believe you should not accept any bonus money being offered by a gaming site, at least if it includes any restrictions.

Some rather large bonuses which online casinos pay to their members have some small but potentially very important details included. The one that most Roulette players dislike is a limit on the profits of anyone accepting a bonus. For some online casinos, this means that if you accepted say, a matching bonus of £300, they put a limit of perhaps ten times that much on the maximum amount you can win. For Roulette players putting a lot of money down at 35-1, £3,000 is a very low limit.

There may be other restrictions placed on other perks offered by a casino. So if you’re a high-end Roulette player, you want to be careful what you accept and how it will affect your future plays.

There has been more than one sad story in the online casino world about a player hitting a big jackpot but later finding out that they had a much lower maximum on their profits. In some cases, you could be dealing with a casino that might be a bit disreputable and makes the details hard to find. So always make sure of the restrictions which any bonus has before you accept it.

Even if it places limits on your profits, you may still want to accept the bonus, depending on the way you play the game. If you’re not a huge bettor, of if you don’t play the bets on the Roulette table which pay off at the biggest odds; there is probably no problem for you accepting bonuses. As always, when you’re putting your own money up, be careful.