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Rummy – Optional House Rules

Author: Neha Agrawal

Rummy is a remarkably simple game to play; anybody can learn to play it in a matter of a few minutes. However, there are certain times in the online gambling game when one or two house rules change, or may be implemented into play. There are also the odd occasions when one simply cannot fathom what to do next, because a problem has occurred in play. Luckily, there aren’t many of these issues that need dealing with and a short summary of them, as provided below, will help you solve all of the most common issues with this famous card game.

One of the optional Rummy house rules that needs to be discussed before play on the first hand commences is the multiple melds rule. There is an optional rule that states you may play down as many melds as you wish per turn, as opposed to the normal rule of only one meld per turn.

Another specific rule will permit a player who has not melded any cards in the game thus far a special bonus reward of ten points for “going rummy.” This means they are allowed to lay down as many melds as they wish, but only the first time they lay down a meld. It is entirely up to you whether or not you wish to permit this rule into your game.

There is also an optional Rummy rule that has to do with layoffs. Some players think that you must layoff cards onto one of your own melds before you are permitted to do so onto other players' melds. Again, this is an optional rule that you can either decide to play, or not.

The role of the aces can also be altered. Some houses prefer to play aces high instead of aces low, as in traditional Rummy. This too must be determined before play commences.

The last card you play may also suffer a rule change if you agree upon it. In some games, you are not entitled to meld all of your remaining cards to win for instance. With this new rule in place, your last card to meld or layoff must be a single card on its own; though this rule is generally ignored in most cases.

And what do you do when you run out of stock cards? This does, after all, tend to happen quite frequently. Most Rummy rules dictate that you simply turn over the discard pile and use that as a new stock pile. However, you may also wish to shuffle the discard pile before using it as stock, as good players can memorize the order of the cards. This rule is again entirely up to you to decide before you begin your first game of Rummy.