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Should You Accept a Bonus?

Author: Josh Wilde ~ author of Wilde is the Joker

Casinos offer bonuses all the time. Those that appear on Gambling City are usually one-time sign up bonuses. Others will be sent to you by casinos you play at regularly. The catch, however, is that most bonuses have strings attached.

That does not mean that you should automatically reject the idea of accepting a bonus. It does mean that you should very carefully read the Terms and Conditions for the bonus (as well as the general T&Cs for the casino) before accepting it.

This is true for the best gambling sites and the worst ones (the latter should be avoided no matter what terms they offer) but recommended casinos will often offer T&Cs which you find acceptable. What is "acceptable"? That is up to you.

Some examples: The bonus being offered allows you only to cash out 10 times its value. So, if you get a $10 bonus, you can withdraw only $100 no matter how much you win. Is that acceptable? The decision is yours.

How about the bonus which carries the requirement that you wager its value 500 times? Or worse, that it is a matching bonus and you must wager the value of both the bonus and your deposit 500 times. Is that really worth it to you?

Most of the complaints that Gambling Grumbles receives have to do with bonuses. All too many casinos are quick to label winners as "bonus abusers" and refuse to pay them. There really is no definition of a "bonus abuser". These casinos use the term when they can't find any specific rule that the player violated. We have seen casinos call players bonus abusers because as soon as they met their wagering requirements they stopped playing and wanted to cash out. On the other hand, we have even seen casinos call players bonus abusers because after meeting their wagering requirements they then continued to play and bet amounts higher than what the bonus allows.

That is what makes it so important for you to investigate a casino before playing there. Look for reports about it on Gambling Grumbles and see what complaints were sent in by players and how the casino handled the problem.

There are a number of players who don't want the complications that bonuses carry with them. There is no problem in refusing a bonus, but you can be costing yourself money if you do. That's why we suggest that you carefully check not only the casino itself but also the T&Cs that the bonus carries.