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Should You be a High Roller at an Online Casino Site?

Author: Neha Agrawal

Whether or not you should be a high rolling player at an online casino site, is obviously entirely up to you. But there are most certainly some things that a player should look at before they commit to making a decision about what type of online casino games player they are going to be.

Without understanding these crucial decisions, it is possible (and highly likely) that a player will overstretch their means and end up with a busted balance before too long playing high stakes casino games.

So what are the things one needs to consider when playing online casino games as a high roller?

Rather obviously the most important thing a player must understand is their own bankroll and finances. Without being too rude; how much money do you have to spare? If you are filthy rich, then this question might be rather pointless, but the chances are that you aren’t considerably rich and that your finances meet similar standards to most other online casino players. Ask yourself how much you can logically afford to spend and stick to that. It will simply not do if you keep topping up your account with money you can’t afford to spare for a luxury like gambling. Generally high rolling games cost much more than standard rolling games. Have a browse around at the average cost of a hand (or spin) at a high rolling game, and determine how many times you can play (without winning) with the budget you have.

You must also ask yourself if you can compete for large jackpots without being a high roller. Some progressive jackpot slot machine games don’t require you to make massive wagers in order to be in with a chance to win a massive jackpot. Some online slot machine games even have different jackpots fixed at different betting levels, and maybe the minimum wagers still offer you a decent jackpot. In this case, there is no need to be a high roller.

Now whilst being a high roller almost assures you of VIP status, are there any other ways you can accomplish this, if this is your goal? Most online casinos will have other ways for you to become a VIP, perhaps by wagering plenty of small stakes, rather than several large ones. Is this a better option for you?

Also a player should take a look at the bonus situation. Is the high roller welcome bonus going to be enough to finances your high rolling operations, or perhaps the standard roller welcome bonus and promotions are more finely suited to your needs.

Of course if money is no issue and you enjoy a real thrill of gambling, then you should be a high roller. However, if the money is tight or you don’t have as much to splurge as other high rollers, you should probably not be a high roller. The choice though, as ever, is yours.