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Slots are a Tradition of Las Vegas Now Found on the Internet

Author: Neha Agrawal

There are a number of online casinos that try to invoke the name of Las Vegas, and perhaps the main way they do this is through their slot games. In a Las Vegas casino, the actual slot machines cover acres of space in each major hotel. When you’re playing in an online casino which is trying to evoke the image of Las Vegas, they offer just as many slots to play and with payouts just as high.

Las Vegas was the place where the idea of huge, progressive jackpots came to be realized. Different hotels in the city began to connect their slot machines. For every pull of one of these slot machines, a small percentage was siphoned off and into the progressive jackpot. By creating a network, the casinos were able to build up the maximum payoffs which routinely exceeded, and in fact, often started at 10 million American dollars.

Online slots have created the same arrangement. A network of slots pool a percentage of their coins to produce huge payoffs. One online casino which routinely offers such a huge progressive payoff is called Casino Las Vegas. They use that name even though their home base is in Gibraltar. Casino Las Vegas describes their goal as “bringing all the thrills of Vegas directly to your home.”

Casino Las Vegas offers more than 100 slots, featuring many of the fancy theme games you would associate with the entertainment extravaganzas offered in an actual Las Vegas casino. They offer a number of movie-themed slot games, including King Kong, the Mummy, and The Incredible Hulk.

The slot machines offered by Casino Las Vegas have the highest quality graphics and sound. They are of a technical quality you would find in an IMAX theatre. This is part of the Las Vegas tradition that has been brought to gambling, not just slots, but to all aspects of gambling. The entertainment level is now just as important as the gaming options.

This idea makes perfect sense, since the more you can entertain the customer, the more likely he is to keep playing the game and returning money to the house.

It’s fair to say that the themed slots, whether they were developed in Las Vegas or not, are the heritage of that city. Las Vegas has always tried to combine the gambling experience and the possibility of large payoffs with great comfort and high-quality entertainment.