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Some Top Tips for Playing Craps That You Should Know

Author: Neha Agrawal

Every online gambling game has hints, tips, or strategies that it would be advantageous for any player to know before they sit down to play for real money. Craps is certainly no different, and just because it is a dice game of luck, as opposed to a card game of skill, there are still several things you might find intriguing to learn about Craps.

If you are playing Craps in a real land based casino, you should always withdraw your winnings (or cash out as it is called) before you reach ten thousand dollars. This way you can avoid filling out the tax form at the cage as you depart. It’s cheeky, but necessary.

The maximum wager limit for a bet is entirely based on a predicted win. However, you can go beyond this limit if you lay down a Free Odds bet. Players can also go beyond the table limit if they wager on point on the Pass Line or Come bet that is already in session, or by making a Placed bet on the same number. Players can save themselves some cash by asking the Craps dealer to take down their Free Odds and Placed bets.

You should always try to avoid betting propositions or the Field while playing the game of Craps. You should get to know the boxman or boxwoman on a somewhat chatty basis. And, you should also keep a keen eye out on the amount of money you have wagered as opposed to the amount of money you have won. Try to keep them in two separate piles if possible, and of course, if the table isn’t packed.

Tipping the Craps dealer might seem like a simple process, but you’d be amazed what it can do for morale. It is much better to be friends with the dealer and boxman, or boxwoman, than to not converse with them at all. Craps dealers have their favourite players, and although they can’t fix the game for you, nor should they, they can make your stay at the Craps table (and the casino as a whole) a very pleasant one. If you’ve won a lot of money, what harm is a sizeable tip, or two, for excellent service?

And finally, players just starting out in Craps should always play simple Pass Line bets. There is no point in trying to be a big player and wagering on bets you don’t fully understand. Read about them all first and know your terminology before you decide to take on the big guns. Otherwise, play simple. The Pass Line bets do provide a fairly good payout quite often.