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Special Casino Promotions – Are VIP’s Really Very Important Players?

Author: Neha Agrawal

Special casino promotions, ongoing casino promotions, casino bonuses, and more offers like these, are the way the online gambling industry shows their members that they are very important players, or VIP’s. Trust me when I say that an online casino knows that every single new member they get is important to the continued success of their site. Essentially this means that a player should become a online casino VIP from the moment they spend their first penny.

A loyalty programme works hand-in-hand with any membership to any casino which operates over the Internet. If a player happens to choose a site with no casino loyalty programme, then they have gone way, way astray. Every cent spent at a site should count towards some or other reward, and while not all players are big spenders, they should still be part of these special casino promotions.

Most online casino VIP programs offer various tiers that are earned according to bonuses or player points. So a new player might start at bronze level, work their way (in points) up to silver level, then gold, platinum, diamond and so on. Obviously every website has their own labels for tiers, but the concept is still the same.

Points are earned in a manner that is relative to spend, but in very many instances points are given away as prizes, or even randomly. Generally speaking, the higher up the VIP tiers a player ascends, the better their benefits are. In my experience, these are minor tweaks to existing benefits, but the point is that there are definite benefits, and these too are considered to be online casino special promotions.

As is true of the entire Internet gambling industry, not all casinos are created equally, and neither are promotions, loyalty programmes, benefits or bonuses. It goes without saying that some are worlds apart from others, for example (I am not allowed to mention names) there is one British online casino brand that allows members to claim all kinds of tangible gifts by using their loyalty points. These gifts include shopping, meal, hotel, gift and other vouchers, they even allow points to be swapped for flying miles. If you can’t guess which brand this is, then sorry for you.

Not all virtual casinos can obviously offer special promotions in this league, and this is why it makes sense to play with well-known brands. It is not only the fact that they are safer, it is also the fact that they know how to treat all their players like VIP’s, and all VIP’s like very important players.