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Sports Books in Las Vegas Casinos Getting Better for the Bettor

Author: Neha Agrawal

One of the forms of gambling closely associated with Las Vegas is sports betting. At least for American sporting events, the betting lines that are used by casinos around the world come from Las Vegas. However, it wasn’t always that way. Sports betting has only recently become a very popular feature in the town.

Up until the last few decades, the hotels in Las Vegas emphasized their casinos above all. There weren’t that many of them that even had a race or sports book. There were some special, smaller books around the town that took the daily action on games and established their own lines.

Now, virtually every casino in Las Vegas, large or small, has a huge sports betting area. But as far as sports betting is concerned, European bookmakers have generally been quite a distance ahead of Las Vegas, both on games in progress and games to be played.

The connection between Las Vegas-style sports betting and UK sports betting has become more apparent with the recent arrival onto the Las Vegas scene of William Hill, long one of the leading bookmakers in Europe and in fact the world. They have bought a number of sports books in the city and they will try to bring to these locations the type of fast-paced approach to sports betting that their European customers have long been used to.

William Hill sports books in Europe routinely offer thousands of sports bets every day, including hundreds of proposition bets within every sports event that they are handling. But that kind of action has never been available in a Las Vegas casino, so William Hill is trying to establish something in their new facilities that is beyond what anyone else in Las Vegas currently offers. They will update betting odds every few seconds and they will offer new bets for each game every few minutes, if not sooner.

Though this is the first time that William Hill has invested money into actual Las Vegas locations, they have already been offering their own online version. It’s called “William Hill Vegas.” It’s pretty much the same as their other online casino offerings, but with a Vegas theme running through it all.

However, when you choose one of the options, such as sports betting, you will be taken to the main William Hill site, with no real connection to Las Vegas and in fact more betting options than you’ll ever find in an actual Las Vegas location.

So William Hill, like many online casinos, uses the name of Las Vegas to help attract customers to their website. But at the same time, in the actual city of Las Vegas, they are working to bring to the local customers a level of sports betting which their online customers in the UK are accustomed to having available.