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Stocking Fillers, and Bank Balancers – Online Poker Bonuses

Author: Neha Agrawal

Whilst most people will agree that online poker sites primarily use welcome bonuses as a way of enticing you to play at their online poker domain, rather than a competitors – there are other purposes that they can serve. A truly good online poker bonus will provide you with free money in exchange for your deposit; yes this much is true. But a good online poker bonus will also do much more than that. What do you intend to do with the money, and why do you need it?

Online poker can be a highly expensive game to play, particularly if you fancy your chances at the big boys’ tables playing for one hundred dollars plus per hand. For that reason, online poker welcome bonuses serve an additional purpose, rather than just to lure you in. That purpose is bankroll the player; to provide him or her with enough financial support to be able to play a fair few hands at whatever stake takes their fancy – providing it isn’t a massively expensive one. In the event that you do wish to play big league poker, many online poker sites will also house a high-roller poker bonus to solve this crisis.

So what does your typical online poker welcome bonus look like? Well generally speaking, they come in the same form as most of the other welcome bonuses at other gambling game sites; a match deposit welcome bonus. This match deposit welcome bonus enables you to make a deposit at an online poker site and then reap up to the same total back (sometimes more but seldom less) in free bonus money, which will be added to your funds. Of course there are generally stipulations which state that you must wager the bonus X amount of times before you can withdraw it, but that is part and parcel of all online gambling site welcome bonuses.

Other types of bonuses include cash back deals, whereby if you play a certain amount of money over the course of a given number of days, and tend to lose a fair bit – a significant portion of your funds will be returned to you, possibly as much as twenty five percent.

Online poker promotions are a great way of making money and stockpiling your chips, building up your stack to take on the tables. Of course there are other benefits too, but these are far too numerous and vary from poker site to poker site.