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Tackling the 2019 NFL Preseason

Author: Skyla Burrell

It’s the time of year again that so many look forward to, NFL preseason football. The time of year when jerseys long packed away come out, kegs get dusted off, and perhaps just a few women look forward to waving goodbye to their husbands as they send them off to the stadium to crush some beers and tailgate with their best buds.

The 2019 NFL preseason kicked off this year with Pro Football Hall of Fame Gamebetween the Atlanta Falcons and the Denver Broncos on August 1st and continues for the next 4 weeks until the regular season begins. Each NFL team usually plays 4 games during preseason. This is the time to check out how your team looks and also take advantage of the lower limits online sportsbooks have to offer.

In the past, wagering on preseason games was not as attractive or lucrative with only minimal odds and options available. However, today is a whole new story for placing bets on the NFL preseason. Preseason NFL wagering offers punters significant advantages, including quick moving lines and fluid point spreads. One big difference between preseason and regular season is that odds are usually right around a field goal, give or take. It’s a rarity to see a team favored by a touchdown or more.

Online sportsbooks take on as many bets, if not more, during preseason than the regular NFL season. There is more money to be madeon preseason games if you do your homework. An entirely different approach must be taken when handicapping the NFL preseason versus the regular NFL season. Of course, experience is helpful but the overall key is to take the time to weigh all the factors that come into play. The information is all out there, if you are game to find it.

Perhaps at this point your curiosity has been peaked and you are interested in placing a bet online for the 2019 NFL preseason, so, how does one go about that? First things first, it’s vital to find a trustworthy online sportsbook. This year looks excellent for online sports betting in the USA and around the globe. The Gambling City Network has compiled a list of the most trusted online sportsbooks with which you can safely place your wager and even earn cash back from any losses.

Before placing your NFL preseason wagers you’ll benefit greatly by research. It’s a good bet to factor in some of the following when doing your research. The most important integer is the QB depth; this can literally make or break you during the preseason. Also be aware of new coordinators more so than head coaches, as there is a learning curve with the trying out of new schemes and plays. And finally, try and stay away from stats and trends. Solid research will take you much farther during the NFL preseason than following any trends.