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Take Note of the Size of the Pools in Your Bets

Author: Neha Agrawal

Pool bets offers some great options for gamblers, but you still need to be careful. Some of the pools that are offered do not have large amounts bet into them. This is especially true of certain proposition bets being offered through betting pools online. If you’re got an opinion on a longshot that you thing will be the winner of a television show or an award show, you can’t be expecting a massive payoff because there may not be a large amount in the betting pool to begin with. If that is the situation you’re facing with your bet, you might do well to ignore any pool bets offered to you and concentrate on fixed odds. It’s possible some bookmakers might anticipate the small totals and will not offer some of these bets in pools, anyway. They will instead only offer it to you in fixed odds.

But if there are bets available in smaller pools, it does offer opportunities for the gambler to utilize the lack of money in the bet pools to their advantage. Bettors need to pay attention to these kind of pools because the money may well be tilted in directions that it shouldn’t be.

For example, somebody may have had a strong if somewhat odd opinion on a certain bet and they put their money into a pool. Not all gamblers are sophisticated enough to understand that just dropping a lot of money to support their opinion Is not always a good idea. Especially if there is a fixed bet alternative, making a huge move into a small betting pool will get you a very small payoff even if you’re right.

For the gambler who is studying any pool betting that are offered, this situation creates a great opportunity to get value. A large bet into a small pool skewers the odds and makes the payoffs on the other propositions offered much better than they should be.

It just makes sense for bettors to look out for these opportunities. It will provide you with a great deal of value for your bets and even if they don’t win every time, over time, they will pay off.

So it’s a good idea for bettors to constantly be checking any pool betting offered online. You may well find value you weren’t expecting. It also doesn’t even matter whether or not it’s an event you’re familiar with.