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Tennis Can Be a Good Start for Pool Betting

Author: Neha Agrawal

One of the most popular of the sports for pool bets is tennis. In fact, in the UK, it’s usually the second most popular sport for pool betting, other than football. The reason for this is that it is year round, unlike almost all team sports, and it has many matches every week.

In the Grand Slam tournaments such as Wimbledon there are fields of 128 in the singles competition. So to get a champion in a field of 128, there must be 127 matches played. That’s a lot of betting opportunities and even if there are some mismatches in the early rounds of tournaments offering very small dividend returns, there are still plenty of other matches that offer good betting opportunities.

Even though the standard one-week tennis tournament doesn’t have 128 in the field, there is still plenty of action. In a typical one week tournament, either men or women, there are 32 players entered, sometimes 48 and occasionally 64. That means dozens of matches every week can be bet, unlike another individual sport, golf, which has a few tournaments around the world every week, but only one winner in each. There can be special bets, such as head-to-head or winning score, which can make for more golf betting action, but the same thing can be done with tennis.

If you follow the sport closely, you should be able to make some smart wagers in tennis and take advantage of the money bet in the gambling pools on the favourites. IF you know of a minor injury to a player or something else that might be distracting them from playing their best, you can take advantage of that knowledge to get better dividends with your tote gambling.

You might also know about a player who has been losing lately but either had a good deal of bad luck or has been getting bad draws in tournaments. That is good information that others may not be looking at. You might also know about a certain unheralded player’s success on a certain surface or maybe a heralded player’s lack of success on a surface. Whatever your knowledge, there are times when you can make it work to your financial advantage.

Betting tennis is the same as any other type of gambling. You want to find information that gives you an edge over the other bettors. With so many matches to choose from, both men and women, virtually every week of the year, tennis offers good tote gambling opportunities to those bettors who follow the sport closely.